The New DJI MATRICE 210 RTK V2 big Updates

DJI New announcement

Overnight DJI announced some big upgrades to both the Matrice 210 version 2 and also the Phantom 4 RTK.

The RTK version finally provides survey level corrections to the camera. This is a feature that many have been asking for some time and DJI have taken their time to get it just right for the market now.

The x7 camera

When used with either the 24 or the 35-megapixel lens the x7 camera is a super 35 sensor, About 50% larger than your traditional phantom cam or the x 4s

It’s also 24 megapixels, An increase in resolution however with the lenses that you use in the field of view is slightly narrower, So again that’s increasing your resolution on the ground.

The benefits of using the matrice

The benefits of using Matrice 210 version 2 instead of saying phantom for RTK for surveying is that it’s got a much higher wind rating, You can use the Matrice in winds of up to 12 meters per second, Whereas most crafts are rated only 10.

The Matrice has an IP 43 weatherproof rating so whilst you generally wouldn’t want sturdy photogrammetry in the rain because you’re gonna get water drops on your lens eventually, But you don’t need to worry that you’re putting anything at risk by using a Matrice 210 in that environment.

High-resolution Zoom

It’s also as we said earlier high resolution which is always good for your data other improvements to the drone, Were across the range they’ve improved if you’re using the 14 to 42 more lens. They’ve reduced some of the jitters that you used to get when you were zooming in and out, It’s always quite difficult to have a gimbal with a zoom lens because the center of gravity changes as you zoom.

The new app interface

But they’ve improved that quite nicely also if you were using the base station with The matrice 210 RTK. You can now download our TCM data from that base station using DJI assistant 2, Which you can use it as a PPK base station, Also this has been around for a while now but not too many are aware of it the zed 30 the superzoom camera.

You can commence and stop zooming using two other buttons on the controller again stopping you from having to touch the screen, On well then my preference has always been to use the taps own functionality on the display it’s really nice.

Finally, there’s now a resent option for just the pan axis on the gimbals this is great if you’re wanting to keep them at the same tilt angle but merely resent to the gimbal so they’re pointing straight ahead DJI pilot not too many changes with DJI pilots.

Standard Waypoint mission

However many have not noticed maybe that it does have some other features. There are a waypoint mission planning and DJI pilot in three different modes.

The app for iPad also works with The matrice 210 RTK and as we said earlier you’re now stirring PPK data onto the device when you’re used just like the p4 RTK.

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